Storm Water

Stormwater Retention/Detention Transportable Tanks

Stormwater Our range of larger built on site tanks are regularly specified by engineers and civil contractors for stormwater retention/detention. We also manufacture a range of precast transportable stormwater tanks that are also suitable for stormwater re-use or rain harvesting tanks.

Our standard range of transportable retention tanks are:

Capacity Diameter Height/Depth
6,000 litres 2.95m 1.2m
7,500 litres 2.95m 1.5m
10,000& litres 2.95m 2.0m
12,000 litres 3.65m 1.4m
18,000 litres 3.65m 2.0m
17,000 litres 4.3m 1.5m

Dimensions are external

. -

Standard tanks have a 100mm inlet at thetop of the wall, and a 100mm orifice connection at floor level. Inlet and outlet are 180° apart.

Tanks are available ex-yard or delivered by Hiab truck


Our range of rectangular tanks are popular with builders and developers as they fit neatly between building and boundary lines. Many drainlayers Find the square excavation required easier to dig also.

Capacity Diameter Width Depth
3,500 litres 2.4m 1.55m 1.25m
5,000 litres 2.8m 1.55m 1.55m

Non-standard Tanks

We often manufacture non-standard tanks to clients/engineers specifications.