Household storage At Ross Tanks we manufacturer a range of precast and built on site concrete tanks. Suitable for use as reuse,Rain Harvesting Tanks,Household Storage, Stormwater Retention/Detention, fire fighting, effluent, and wastewater treatment. Included in this range are above ground, part buried and underground options.

For Household use our range of water storage tanks start at 5000 gallons (22750 litres) for a holiday home to 12,000 gallons (54600 litres) suitable for a larger family home.

Tanks larger than 5000 gallons are built on site as they are too heavy to transport.

Gallons Litres Height Width
5,000 22,750 2.6m 3.65m
5,000 22,750 1.82m 4.30m
6,000 27,300 2.15m 4.30m
7,500 34,125 2.74m 4.30m
10,000 45,500 2.45m 5.10m
12,000 54,600 2.85m 5.10m

Underground tanksUnderground tanks are manufactured with a strengthened flat roof and a central column to support the roof.

They are designed to be covered with dirt to maximum depth of 300mm.

An underground concrete tank costs more than an above ground concrete tank.

Our range of larger tanks are typically used for commercial applications and can be sited either above or below ground level.

Cubic Metres Litres Height Width
70m3 68,250 2.80m 6.00m
90m3 90,100 2.55m 7.20m
100m3 100,000 2.85m 7.20m

Ross Tanks can also manufacture one off design and builds to meet customer requirements (maximum capacity 100m3) i.e open top tanks.

All tanks are circular. Heights (height to the top of the wall) can be changed if necessary, although diameters are fixed.

In addition to these we can manufacture larger tanks or reservoirs of 100m3 for commercial and industrial applications.

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